Why Simple?

Cognitive Fluency is the measure of how easy it is to think about something. People like to make decisions based upon how easy it was to think about the solution.

When facing a problem or discovering an immediate need, the companies that come to mind are usually the ones that are easiest to remember. Companies achieve this cognitive fluency by simplifying the message and the visuals to ensure that your brain does not need to work hard at all to retrieve the answers it is seeking.

With simplicity in design we are able to amplify meaning within the logo or maybe a tag line. More is not better when trying to achieve cognitive fluency. When visuals are simple the most important things are included and nothing else. This reduces noise and ensures that the target is only seeing what they need to remember your brand. They then associate that with what you do.

When things are simple they tend to take you to an abstract place where meaning can be attached by interpretation. This is a very powerful tool that enables the brand to find a personalized meaning within the target.

Simple Design

  • Simplifying Visuals amplifies meaning
  • Simple Visuals take you to an abstract place that have more powerful meaning
  • Top Brands are abstract
  • Top Movies remove you from reality and put u in a state where the communication medium amplifies values and meaning
  • Makes you associate ideas and core values with a single image
  • Reduces unwanted noise


22 /. 03 /. 2017

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